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14k Yellow Gold Yei Pendant


Handmade by Thane Deleon (non-Native American Artist)

Thane DeLeon uses gemstones the way an artist uses paint.

He puts stones together in unusual color combinations to create rings, earrings and pendants that his customers and jewelry store owners consider works of art.

The curvy, irregular shapes of his pieces recall the mountains of Arizona, where he lives. The colors--the iridescent opal, violet tanzanite, chrome tourmaline that "looks like the most beautiful emerald you'd ever see"--are inspired by the Southwest terrain.

Some pieces are inspired by Navajo spirits and even have abstract faces, as seen in this lovely pendant. Southwest themes such as bear-shaped fetishes and uneven horizons are prevalent.


14K Yei Necklace

14k yellow gold, Lapis Lazuli, Kingman Turquoise

Length: 3.5"

Width: 1"

Weight: 29g

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