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R. Bennet Royston Turquoise Pendant

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This is a fabulous layered look with different length silver Navajo Pearls with a centerpiece necklace made in a vintage style with an absolutely stunning piece of Royston Turquoise.  The Concho Belt, by Navajo Artist Kirk Smith, around the models waist is a very unique, beautifully hand crafted piece.  This on-of-a-kind belt has made with Sterling Silver and features many beautiful pieces of Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise measuring from 5/16" long to 5/8" long.  Kirk Smith has done a fantastic job at giving this belt a very vintage look by adding the patina to the belt.  Each Concho has a leather backing for added comfort and style. 


Royston Pendant:

*Does NOT Include the Two Small Navajo Pearl Necklaces*

Handmade by Navajo Artist R. Bennet

3 1/4" L x 2" W

Stone: 1 3/4" L x 1" W

Will fit a chain (Plain or Beaded) up to 14mm

Small Navajo Pearls (as seen on the Royston Pendant)

Can be worn at 17" - 20"

Smaller Navajo Pearl Strand: Beads are 6mm

Larger Navajo Pearl Strand: Beads are 8mm

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