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Prayer Feather Fan

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Prayer Feather Fan by Zoe Lani Sayer

Feathers were used by Native Americans for many reasons...in "Counting Coup", they were marks of skills and courage, showing prestige.  As Headdresses, a War Bonnet was highly coveted in battle.  The Eagle Feather was the most prized, representing power of the great spirit.  Fans were used for many purposes...in a "cleansing ceremony" Fans were used to spread the smoke of burning sacred herbs, such as cedar, sage, sweet grass, and also fans were used for Healing and Curing Ceremonies.  This fan has been created with an ornamented wooden handle, a ceramic Eagle head base, antique glass and shells and feathers from assorted domestic birds.  Feathers which may include Turkey, Guinea Hen, Rooster, Pheasant, Partridge, Blue McCaw and Peackock.


Length: 18"

Width (at the widest point at the end): 5"

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