Reynaldo Quezada Large Mezclado Pot

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Handmade by Reynaldo Quezada

Reynaldo Quezada Celado is one of the most innovative of all the Quezada potters and in the village at large.  Reynaldo is Juan Quezada's youngest brother and learned to pot over twenty years ago from Juan and Nicolas.  He then perfected his natural talents working with his sister Consolacion.  Reynaldo is credited with the mixing of clays called mezclado that give a marbleized appearance to the finished olla.  He also pioneered the use of textured, or tejido, indentations in the damp clay that give the finished piece a "braided" look.  Reynaldo has become famous for black, unpainted, textured bowls called cazuelas and for pots in the shape of flying saucers with textured elements adorning the surface.  His innovative work is elegant and modern in appearance.  Reynaldo has spent a lot of time in the U.S. teaching and demonstrating the making of pottery.  He was born in Mata Ortiz and lives in the family home in Barrio Central.


Dimensions: 7.5" H x 11" W


1) Do not expose pottery to water inside or out.
2) Do not wipe with a damp cloth.
3) Dust pottery only with a soft cloth (not terry cloth or textured fabric).
4) Always use two hands to carry your pot: one on top and one on the bottom.
5) Do not grip or lift pots by the rim.
6) Place a piece of cloth or felt between pot and shelf to protect signature.
7) Avoid exposing pottery to sudden temperature changes.

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