Cross of Lorraine Tufa Cast Bracelet

945.00 1,050.00

By Lester James

Made with Sterling Silver, Mediterranean Coral and Kingman turquoise.

This a beautiful bracelet with cobblestone style inlaid stones and two Crosses of Lorraine on each side of the cuff.

French Jesuit missionaries and settlers to the New World carried the Cross of Lorraine c. 1750–1810. The symbol was said to have helped the missionaries to convert the native peoples they encountered, because the two-armed cross resembled existing local imagery.

The casting process begins with a block of tufa, a soft variety of limestone. The artist chisels and scrapes away a design into the rock, and then casts a sterling silver bracelet using the tufa as the mold. The block is very fragile and little pieces break away when the silver piece is removed creating a true one of a kind piece of jewelry/art.

The tufa mold Lester created comes with each piece, giving you a beautiful piece of hand-made art to display in your home or office.


Size: 5 1/4

Opening: 1 1/4"

Weight: 80.1g

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