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Large Medicine Bag

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Medicine Bag Created by Zoe Lani Sayer.

Earth Words is dedicated to embracing the Earth's Wisdom of the Wild and it's capacity to restore one's inner peace, through the sublime energy of nature.  Earth and Animal energies are offered in organic creations with emphasis on the intrinsic beauty, sentiment and transformative powers of the Natural World to heal ourselves, and all living things.  Listen to the Earth...she is talking to you through the wind in the trees...Her words are magical...give her prayers of thanks, and honor Her...SHE IS OUR MOTHER.

This Medicine Bag has been created with a hand-carved Red Jasper Indian face.  The bag has been made with Brain-tanned Deer suede and lined with Pig-skin.  It has been enhanced with natural Tibetan Turquoise, limited edition hand-made Czech glass beads, and antique Mali clay beads, a mercury dime clasp and lost wax cast original jewelers bronze tube beads.


Bag Size: 9" long x 6 1/2" wide

Overall length: 25"

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