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Que Sera, Que Sera Necklace

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By Zoe Lani Sayer

What will be, will be...

This special necklace has been created with a centerpiece of small square bead of Que Sera.  Hanging below is a solar cross of gem-grade nuummite from Greenland.  Suspended on sterling silver chains are tiny Tibetan herkimer diamonds, hand-enameled hawk feathers, tiny Tibetan quartz crystals, Dumortierite, and natural antique jet.  Above the necklace has been strung with addition to nuummite, natural polished garnet crystals, Tibetan herkimer diamond quartz, ocean jasper, tiny bodhi seed, iolite, ancient Byzantine glass, antique clay natural black spinell, pipestone, jaspers, natural vintage jet and antique glass.

The second Necklace has a centerpiece of a beautiful fine silver bezel-set cabochon of ocean jasper, which has been strung with assorted jaspers, and agates, spectrolite, kyonite, diopside, antique glass, pietersite, Australian opal, and ancient (gray) Byzantine glass.

The necklace has been completed with sterling silver cones and clasp and has been signed.

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