Sacred Sand Necklace w/ Enameled Feathers

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By Zoe Lani Sayer

This has necklace has been created by Zoe Lani Sayer.  "The Legendary Red Rock of Sedona Arizona is one of the most Beautiful places in the entire world.  Now you can have a portion of this Planet we call Home.  This hand-blown French Glass Heart has been filled with Red Sand gathered and Blessed from the Sedona Vortex, which is held Sacred by Native Americans." - Zoe Lani Sayer


This necklace has been strung with Sleeping Beauty turquoise nuggets and Dzi beads, pin shell, buffalo horn, turquoise heshi, hand-blown aged Czech glass, copper, sterling and Tibetan silver, Herkimer diamond quartz, tiny hair-pipe, pipe stone, lost-wax cast and enameled eagle feathers.  The necklace has been completed with sterling silver cones and clasp and has been signed.

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