White Buffalo Oval Cuff

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This is a beautiful sterling silver cuff with a large piece of White Buffalo, measuring at 1" long by 5/8" wide.  The silver setting around the stone is classic Navajo style.  Although it is called White Buffalo Turquoise, it is actually not a turquoise. Some believe it is a Magnesite others still believe it is a white turquoise because it has the same hardness, it cuts and polishes like turquoise. Whatever the truth may be it is a beautiful hard white Gemstone and has now become the standard for White Turquoise and right or wrong it is called "White Buffalo Turquoise". This cuff is adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes.  To learn more about the White Buffalo stone Read Here


Size: 5 1/2

Opening: 1 1/4"

Weight: 31.6g

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