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Woods Moth Necklace/Pouch

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By Zoe Lani Sayer

This special necklace/pouch has been created with a jewelers bronze hand-enameled lost wax cast woods moth which has been mounted on a piece of fossilized walrus bone (20 to 50 thousand years old, found in the Alaskan Tundra).  In addition, real mulberry leaves electroplated in copper along with seeds, have been added to enhance the front flap of deer suede.  When opened a bead stitched and decorated raw hide pouch is revealed.  The pouch has been strung with large seeds, assorted jaspers and agates, antique and vintage glass, antique copper beads, and chain, antique glass flowers, olive wood, amber, goldstone, tigereye, silver, and serpentine heishi.  The necklacehas been completed with sterling silver Cones and clasp and has been signed.


Length: 20"

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