Oldest Living Indian

John Smith, Oldest living Indian pictured above at the age of 131.

John Smith (d. Februrary 6, 1922), also know as Gaa-binagwiiyaas ( which the flesh peels off)—recorded variously as Kahbe Nagwi Wens, Ka-be-na-gwe-wes, Ka-be-nah-gwey-wence, Kay-bah-nung-we-way, Kay-bah-nung-we-way or Ga-Be-Nah-Gwen-Wonce—translated into English as "Sloughing Flesh", "Wrinkle Meat", or Old "Wrinkled Meat".  He was a Chippewa Indian who lived in the Cass Lake (Minnesota) area and is reputed to have died at the age of 137.